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Kawn Designs founded in Amman - Jordan is a testimony to the vitality of beauty fusing with functionality. Bringing to life unique, limited and imaginative pieces, Kawn bridges between art and practicality with the hands of local craftsmen. Elegant, sleek and modern, Kawn journeys beyond “furniture” with clear sensitivity to materials’ originality , and evident compassion to life experiences. Translating to “Universe”, Kawn was founded by Rama Akel. 

Kawn Designs came to life through Rama Akel’s architectural journey that included interior design complimentarily. Her designs emerged from the needs, limitations, and specific circumstances of the moment, using those as an advantage. Her passion for art, design and furniture was influenced by nostalgic styles that speak to her childhood growing up in Amman in the 70’s. She reinvents what feels dear to us and brings it back to life in a contemporary image, connecting our past with our future. Her appreciation for the connection between the personal and the aesthetical has shaped her viewpoint of design and function. Believing that every object is personal and inseparable from a narrative has influenced her style and method, creating a unique, yet familiar space with an evident compassion for materials and subjects.